Massaggio Brasiliano

Brazilian massage of the Nordeste protocol Rosy Reis
Able to reshape the body right from the first session , with results that the customers who received it find it hard to believe despite being the main witnesses, the Brazilian Massage is in itself a tradition of the country as much as pasta in Italy or the beer in Germany; Rosy then, also thanks to almost twenty years of experience with LPG Endermologie , has been able to grasp those aspects that mark the limits of mechanized infradermal massage. At the same time Rosy, with her passion for her work and addiction to gratifying her clients, examined session after session the work of the machine head to capture the essence of the action of the pulsating flaps/rollers, work which makes the lasting result over time.

In other words, Rosy has managed to develop its  
own proprietary massage protocol  which, on the one hand draws inspiration from the north-eastern tradition of Brazil, but overcomes the transience of the result by prolonging the duration of the effect. At the same time, Rosy concludes the LPG Endermologie sessions with 10′-20′ of manual massage so as to touch those special parts (abdomen, buttocks, inner and outer thighs) where the mechanized massage would bear fruit only many more sessions after you.