Trattamento smagliature

They are scars that appear on the skin due to the breaking of the elastic fibers of the epidermis. As soon as they are formed they are easily recognizable because they appear reddish in colour, while over time they take on a pearly white colour. They appear as parallel streaks that alternate parts of healthy skin with smoother and more raised areas, similar to small scars. A peculiarity of these imperfections is that  the skin loses its ability to produce melanin , which is why with the summer and the tan they become more evident. The main cause of the formation of stretch marks is a loss of elasticity in the skin dermis which results in the collapse of the collagen and elastin fibers following particular forms of stress.
The Brazilian Beauty Center in Milan is the first beauty salon in Italy to offer the Microderme healing protocol which has already been active in Brazil for a few years and is able to offer previously unimaginable results.